Urgent Notice FYC Sem 6 & 10 and TYC sem 6 (including reappear)

It is for the information of the students that the University will take the Exams of FYC semester 6 and 10 along with TYC semester 6 through online channel in upcoming days. So the students of final year are required to fill the form below and furnish their email ids and mobile numbers correctly.

Re-appear students for FYC semester 6, FYC semester 10 and TYC semester 6 are also required to fill this form

Please ensure utmost care while filling the form, any duplicate entry by the student shall not be considered and will be discarded hence the students are to enter correct details in single Go.

Click here for LLB FYC Semester 10

Click here for LLB FYC semester 6

Click here for LLB TYC semester 6

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