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Law is an essential ingredient of any civilised society. It punishes the guilty and protects the innocent and thus ensures social security and public peace. Absence of law means chaos and confusion, death and destruction. Progress in any field is possible only when the rule of law prevails. An artist can create art, a poet can write poetry, a musician can compose tunes and a farmer can grow food only in the atmosphere of peace. Most of the poeple who are exploited in the society are those who have no knowledge of law. Law settles disputes and brings about rapproachement betweeb warring parties. There are laws and laws, some laws are hard and fast and have to be applied strictly while there are other laws which can be applied or winked at according as our commonsense dictates us. Sometimes law-makers become law-breakers. In orer to keep themselves firmly saddled in the seat of power, they effect drastic changes in law to suit their needs. The study of law becomes imperative for those who want to know about the various aspects of law. It makes a man rational being and also enables him to test controversial events on the touchstone of law, before reaching at an inviolable conclusion. K.C.L Institute of Laws provides an opportunity to those, who are interested in the study of law and then adopt a judicial profession.

Sardarni Balbir Kaur

KCL Institute of Laws